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Showcase your Charlotte area bed & breakfast with stunning outdoor lighting

In the past, when we though of bed and breakfast accommodations, we considered indoor amenities. We looked at ratings online to see which b&b offered the highest-rated creature comforts on the inside. Today, more and more guests are also researching outdoor accommodations. Invite them to your door, and bring them outdoors with a complete outdoor lighting design and installation.

What bed and breakfast owners know, is that providing an exquisite home-away-from-home experience will bring overnighters and vacationers back time and again. If you are a Charlotte area bed and breakfast owner or manager, we recommend bringing guests back by making a visual impact and offering usability of your property at night with a professional outdoor lighting design. What can Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte offer your property and your guests?

bed & breakfast signage lighting
B&B signage lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Bring guests safely to your bed & breakfast with sensible outdoor lighting

Our hospitality lighting offers many benefits to both you and your guests! For you, our dependable LED lighting will offer long bulb life, and energy savings. For your guests, so much more!

Signage, driveway, and entrance lighting

Guests, who arrive at your bed and breakfast after dark, will appreciate lighted signage to indicate that they are entering your property. Lighting bridges, or long driveways will give your visitors an immediate welcome – before they even reach your door.

Charlotte bed and breakfast lighting
Front bed & breakfast entrance lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Nothing says, “Come on inside,” like a beautifully-lit front entrance for your overnight establishment. Not only is entryway lighting impactful and beautiful, but it also provides your guests with safe travel from their cars to your front door – especially carrying luggage upon arrival.

Impactful façade lighting will enhance the character of your bed & breakfast

If your bed and breakfast features unique landscaping or architectural details, there is no better way to show it off – in person or in advertising photos – than with a jaw-dropping outdoor lighting design.

outdoor lighting
Bed & breakfast outdoor driveway and façade lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Our custom LED façade lighting will bring out the character of your building. Notice how the texture of the stone façade of the building is brought to life through a designer mix of light and shadows. Our LED lights provide an even beam spread of crisp or subtle lighting, depending on your needs, and can illuminate even the upper story of your home. Notice the movement given to dental molding above the second story windows – and how it’s subtler above the door. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte’s expert lighting designers will employ lighting techniques that are unique to your building and property for ultimately beautiful results.

b&b facade lighting
B&B façade lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Light your outdoor living spaces for your overnight guests for ultimate usability

If your bed and breakfast has even a small back deck or patio, consider the benefits that lighting those spaces, so your guests can utilize them after dark.

Landscape lighting for back decks and porches

Decks and porches lend themselves to quiet moments of relaxation before bed, or a cup of pre-dawn coffee or tea for early-risers. Offer your guests the option to use you deck in dark hours with a beautiful, functional landscape lighting design.

outdoor living lighting
Bed and breakfast back deck landscape lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Hidden backyard garden and patio lighting

If you have an expansive backyard space, conducive to creating a garden getaway or patio, lighting that space will improve it, both aesthetically and functionally. Illuminate paths that lead to outdoor gathering areas and encourage your guests to visit.

path and landscape lighting
B&B garden hideaway with path lighting and tree lighting

Adding our LED outdoor string lighting above your outdoor living space will bring an air of magic into the space. These high-quality LED lights are a fantastic addition to a natural woodland patio with a fire pit. Allow the beauty of your outdoor spaces to set a relaxing and comfortable tone for your guests.

secluded patio lighting
Bed and Breakfast rustic patio lighting with LED outdoor string lighting

Are you ready to discuss a custom hospitality lighting design for your bed & breakfast? Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte at 704-849-8808, email us at [email protected] or fill out the contact form today.

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