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4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Traditional Outdoor Lighting System to LED

Have you been thinking about upgrading your halogen or incandescent outdoor lighting system to led? If you have reservations about upgrading or retrofitting your current Charlotte outdoor lighting design, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte wants you to know the benefits of upgrading to led.

If you have a non-LED outdoor lighting system at your Charlotte area home and have wondered if it is possible to retrofit it with LED, we have great news for you. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte can absolutely upgrade your lighting design! Our lighting expertise will allow us to salvage as much of your current lighting system as possible, replacing only necessary elements for your upgrade and retrofit. What are other benefits? Read on for four great reasons you should upgrade!

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LED outdoor lighting in Wesley Chapel by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

1. LED lighting is just as beautiful as traditional incandescent and halogen

It could be said that the most common misconception about LED lighting is that the color is not as attractive as traditional lighting choices. While in the early days of LED, we had few choices of color temperature, this is not true of LED lighting of today. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers warm LED lighting colors that will exactly match your current system, or we can create an even a more desirable color if you are unhappy with your current lighting’s color temperature. What’s more, LED offers crisp, clear color with an even beam spread.

Custom LED upgrade and retrofit in Elizabeth – Charlotte, NC

2. LED lighting is energy efficient

In addition to being beautiful, LED is up to 80% more energy efficient than traditional lighting sources, such as halogen. Homeowners can feel satisfied knowing they are using the most energy efficient bulbs available. Upgrading your outdoor lighting to LED will also show energy cost savings by virtue of LED’s optimum efficiency.

Landscape and garden lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

3. LED lighting outlives all others

LED will outlive other lighting alternatives by literal years! With a lifespan of 50,000 hours, your lighting system will not require bulb changes for a very long time. An LED outdoor lighting system that is used for eight hours per day, seven days per week, will last for about 14 years before requiring bulb changes. This is not only convenient and cost-effective, but means less waste, unlike lesser lighting choices, which require changing and disposal much more often. Additionally, LED bulbs are much more durable than traditional light bulbs.

4. UV-free LED bulbs will attract fewer bugs

With LED bulbs, you can expect to experience a decrease in bugs around your lights at night. LED bulbs contain little or no UV rays, and produce very little heat – two things that make traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs very attractive to insects! Imagine spending time in your garden, or on your patio or deck with less bugs in the evening. Less bugs, especially mosquitoes, means safety for your family. Another benefit of fewer bugs around your home is that you will have a decreased risk of rodents and pests, who feed on them!

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