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Can I have landscape lighting installed in the winter? Yes, you can!

Most of us don’t begin to think of outdoor projects until wintertime has passed, but Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte implores you to consider your new landscape lighting design now. We’ve got a few reasons why winter is a great time for landscape lighting installation.

1. Most obviously, it’s darker for longer in winter months.

One of the best reasons to not put off your new landscape lighting installation till springtime is the long hours of darkness we endure throughout winter. Charlotte landscape lighting will keep areas around your yard beautifully lit through the lengthy hours of darkness in wintertime. Lest we forget that landscape lighting also will offer safety and security around your home. It is a great solution for lighting spaces around your yard that would otherwise be shrouded in darkness, creating possible fall and trip hazards, or areas of opportune for would-be intruders.

Beautiful Charlotte landscape lighting design by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte

2. Check a supposed springtime task off your list now!

Since we tend to put off all tasks and projects outside our homes, our lives become inundated with springtime tasks. We will spend our warm weekends working on planting, pruning, cleaning, and tending to areas around our homes. If you choose to have your landscape lighting design installed now, this will be one less thing you must have done this spring. It just makes sense to have your lighting ready to go now!

Will your landscape lighting be ready for springtime?

3. Don’t disrupt your plants.

Installing your new landscape lighting design in the wintertime means that the process will be less harmful to your landscaping. Since many plants are dormant this time of year, less disruption will occur. Installing in winter also means that you will be ahead of the game re-growing grass in areas of installation when warm weather arrives.

See our beautiful before and after Charlotte landscape lighting photos!

4. Faster service.

Waiting to call us in the spring means that you will have a longer wait. As you might imagine, wintertime business is slower. Calling on Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte for your new landscape lighting design and installation now will mean that we will be able to help you more expeditiously. Who doesn’t love quick service?

We offer only the best landscape lighting products and service for our clients!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte uses only top-quality copper landscape lighting fixtures. Our high-efficiency LED solid copper, brass, and heavy-grade PVC lighting fixtures will light your landscaping and areas around your home for aesthetics, safety, and security. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives lighting fixtures will not crack, corrode, warp, or break down with environmental exposure.

If you have been planning a springtime landscape lighting installation in the Charlotte area, don’t wait! Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte today at 704-944-1350, for wintertime landscape lighting installation. We’ll be happy to schedule a time to visit and discuss designing and installing lighting for your home and yard.

Swim Around the Clock – The Best Pool Area Lighting in Charlotte

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte turns your pool area into a retreat with outdoor lightingIn the Southern summer weather, an in ground pool is a must. The humidity and heat during these next few months can be borderline unbearable. That’s why your pool is an essential part of your home. Not only does it cool you off and add value to your property, but it’s aesthetically pleasing. It’s a key feature of your breathtaking landscape. So why limit its hours of use? With the proper pool area lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte, you can swim well into the hours of the night.

Pool area lighting can dazzle and amaze regardless of what kind of pool or hot tub you own.  Our copper casted path lights can do amazing things around the concrete. Placing them evenly right outside this area will illuminate softly. The light covers a wide area and softly reaches the edge of the pool, pouring over and creating calm, soothing ambiance. If you have a sitting wall around the pool, deck lights can be installed directly on it, lighting up the area.  What about steps leading up to a Jacuzzi area?  Safety is a top priority around any body of water and we can help light the pathway and stairs so there aren’t any slips or falls.  You won’t have to hesitate with concern when your kids run out for a quick night swim or if your impromptu pool party lasts longer than expected.

Imagine the possibilities with Charlotte pool area lighting. The midnight soirees and the hours of enjoyment are right within reach of your patio. Just the look of the water moving hypnotically beneath gentle lighting will increase your landscape’s beauty tenfold. So give us a call at 704-944-1350, email us at [email protected] , or fill out the form and we’ll reach out to you. Allow us to demonstrate exactly what we can do in your own backyard. Beat the approaching summer heat at any hour with a safely, beautifully illuminated pool area.

Have your deck lighting installed now for early springtime evening use.

Don’t let the cold weather keep you from planning your deck lighting design! We get it. It’s winter, and most of us are not thinking about preparing for outdoor living come spring, but Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte knows that now is the ideal time to plan and install your deck lighting for use at the first sign of warm weather.

It might be difficult to imagine warm evening breezes and the smell of food on the grill in our favorite outdoor living spaces. It seems so long since we had the opportunity to experience weekends surrounded by friends and family, cooking out, sipping a cold drink, relaxing, and having face-to-face conversations on our decks. If you have ever had to take your party inside at dusk because you don’t have deck lighting, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is here to help. Call on us now for your custom deck lighting design!

This expansive, well-lit deck sets the scene for evening parties all spring and summer long!

Only the best deck lighting products for our clients!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte uses only top-quality deck lighting products. Our high-efficiency LED solid copper, brass, and heavy-grade PVC lighting fixtures will light your deck and surrounding landscaping and amenities for parties or private evenings relaxing with your family. Unlike their big box store counterparts, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives lighting fixtures will not crack, corrode, warp, or break down under harsh environmental conditions. While you would be replacing lesser products every couple of years due to failure, our fixtures will endure! Don’t waste your time and money on inferior deck lighting products. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to provide the upper echelon in lighting design, products, and installation.

Multi-level deck lighting, deck stair lighting, and landscape lighting

Don’t forget to light your deck amenities!

If you have amenities on your deck, such as outdoor kitchens, planter boxes, or other architectural or useful elements, we can light those too! Don’t leave out the special features on and around your deck. If you have a pool, or beautiful landscaping surrounding your deck, take advantage of our pool lighting and landscape lighting in conjunction with your deck lighting design! Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte will light every area of your outdoor living space, and set the scene for warm weather entertaining after dark.

Oh, what a view – custom outdoor kitchen and bar deck lighting design

Springtime deck celebrations are calling!

The first day of spring is March 20. Easter is April 21. The average daytime high temperature in April for Charlotte and surrounding areas is 73 degrees, but we all know that we have intermittent days of welcome warmer-than-expected weather. Be ready for Easter, spring break celebrations, and those unusually warm early springtime days and evenings with a beautifully-lit outdoor living area. Don’t drag your parties and guest indoors when it gets dark. Let the party continue on your deck after dark this spring! Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte is ready to help you get more hours outdoors with beautiful, high-quality deck lighting.

If you are ready to have your deck lighting installed for early springtime use, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte today at 704- 879-3731. We’ll be happy to schedule a time to visit and discuss designing and installing lighting for your home and yard.

Charlotte outdoor lighting – don’t leave your pets in the dark!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte is your premier outdoor lighting design and installation company. We will light your home and yard for aesthetics, safety, and security – even for the family pet!

If you are a client of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte, you are familiar with the benefits of our outdoor lighting services. Professional Charlotte outdoor lighting is something that, once you have it, you are not sure how you ever lived without it. From façade lighting, to landscape and patio lighting, our goal is to illuminate your home and yard for beauty, the safety of your family and visitors, and for security from would-be intruders. Did you know that we also offer solutions for your four-legged family members? How can our lighting be beneficial to your family pet?

Beautiful Charlotte backyard deck lighting

Trust us for all your Charlotte outdoor lighting needs!

We are the leading experts in the Charlotte area for exterior lighting. Our professional Charlotte patio lighting, landscape lighting, and deck lighting services are unmatched for design and installation, and our products are only top-quality. Our copper half-dome lighting fixture is the perfect addition to your backyard outdoor living area, but it can also be useful for lighting back and side yard areas that your pet frequently uses. If you have a fenced back yard, and your pet is turned out on his own for potty breaks in dark hours, our half-dome lights can be added directly to your fence posts to light his way! Lighting your fence line is beneficial in two ways. Not only will it help your pet navigate your back yard after dark, but it will also encourage him to relieve himself away from your lighted outdoor living areas and landscaping!

If you have tried do-it-yourself lighting for your pet area, with low-quality solar stake lights or even rope lighting, have you found those products lacking in illumination and lifespan? Our high-quality lighting fixtures will keep your backyard well-lit for many years to come!

Illuminate your back yard fence line for your pet’s safety!

It’s a simple lighting solution really, and to a problem you might not have realized exists. Fact is, our dogs need to be able to navigate their frequented areas in dark hours. This is especially true for aging pets, whose eyesight is diminishing. Turn your pets out into their favorite area before bedtime and before you leave for work each morning, into a yard that is safely lit for his perusal. Attract him to the outskirts of your yard, and away from your landscaping to do his business. Lighting your back yard for your pet is a win for the whole family!

If you are ready to light areas around your home with exterior and landscape lighting for the safety and security of your whole family, including your pet – call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte today at 704-944-1350. We’ll be happy to schedule a time to visit and discuss designing and installing lighting for your home and yard.

Don’t Let Daylight Savings Get You Down

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte will illuminate your home and yard to provide safety and security during the long evening hours of darkness in the late fall and winter months.

With the inevitable time change in the fall, most of us notice that its nearly dark or already dark when we arrive home from work and after school activities and functions. It can be difficult to adjust to “falling back” for many of us. We might feel tired or out of sorts with the early sunset, but don’t let your home and yard be shrouded in darkness when you get home. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte provides exterior and landscape lighting to see your family safely home, and keep them feeling secure inside each evening.

Charlotte exterior lighting will keep your family secure inside after dark.

Charlotte exterior lighting is not just for show – it’s also about security.

With exterior lighting, we can highlight your home’s beautiful façade, but Charlotte exterior lighting is about more than aesthetics. When Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte lights your home, we are illuminating areas of your home, where would-be intruders might lurk after dark. With lighting around doors and windows, your family will feel secure inside after dark. Exterior lighting is not only for your front façade, but for all areas around your home, such as garage entries and back doors and windows. Those areas might be even more susceptible to potential break-ins. Send would-be intruders on their way with a complete exterior lighting design by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte.

Charlotte landscape lighting is beautiful and will see your family safely to your door after dark.

With busy after-school schedules and long days at work, Charlotte families are arriving home after dark more days than not this time of year. Have you considered how much nicer it would be to have a lighted path to your door when your family arrives home each evening? Do you find yourself tripping over landscape décor, steps, or path pavers at night? If so, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte can help light your oft-traveled paths that will see you and your family safely inside each evening. We can highlight your landscaping beautifully, all the while creating a landscape lighting plan that will illuminate trip and fall hazards along the way. Charlotte landscape lighting is not only a beautiful addition to the landscaping around your home, it is also perfect for lighting walking paths, sidewalks, detached garage entries, side and back door entries, and all areas that would otherwise be unsafe for travel at night. Don’t trip up the steps one more time after walking the dog at night. Call on Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte to see you safely to your door!

Safely travel the paths and walkways around your home with Charlotte landscape lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte will work with you to create the perfect lighting design for your home and landscaping, which will illuminate areas that might be unsafe at night. We should never feel unsecure inside our homes or encounter dark walkways with potential fall hazards. The great news is that you don’ have to!

If you are ready to light areas around your home with exterior and landscape lighting for the safety and security of your family – call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte today at 704-944-1350. We’ll be happy to schedule a time to visit and discuss designing and installing lighting for your home and yard.

Create an Alluring Backyard Escape with Charlotte Pool Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte will illuminate your pool, spa, and landscaping to take your private oasis to a whole other level of ambiance and relaxation.

When it comes to breaking free of our busy daily lives, it’s nice to indulge in the relaxation offered in our backyard pools and spas. A nice swim or soak is the perfect way to wash away woes and worries of the day. The calming sensation of water on our skin and the sound of trickling water are cathartic. Now, imagine what your pool or hot tub would look like with professional pool lighting. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte can set the scene for your favorite backyard place of respite with professionally-designed and installed Charlotte pool lighting. We would like to add the sense of sight to your moments of escape – the sight of ambient lighting to create shimmering waters and soothing reflections.

Imagine yourself poolside or immersed in calm, beautifully-lit water after a long day at work!

Charlotte water feature lighting will bring your backyard hideaway to life!

Charlotte water feature lighting is not just about creating light. It’s also about creating shadows, reflections, and drama. Poolside water features, like waterfalls and fountains are the perfect spots to surround with trees and other plant life. By lighting your poolside landscaping and water features, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte can produce breathtaking focal points and beautifully light your pool at the same time. We must caution you that your guests might never want to leave! See more landscape lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

High drama water feature lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Charlotte spa lighting – soak in the view while you soak.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to sit in the warmth and comfort of your hot tub and take in a beautiful lighting scene? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte provides custom design and installation services, specially tailored to your back yard, home, and relaxation style. We will work with you to create a spa-side lighting design that will have you meditating with your eyes open. You won’t want to miss a thing as you relax and unwind in your hot tub!

Gain new perspective with pool and hot tub lighting in Charlotte.

What will your newly-lit Charlotte area pool lifestyle look like?

Imagine your beautiful home and backyard pool area, and how you enjoy hosting get-togethers with friends and family around your pool. Now, think of how you always have to pack it all inside as daylight fades. Envision if you will, interior Charlotte pool lighting that will illuminate your poolside parties as late as you’re willing to let the celebration continue. Don’t break up the fun of your parties too early. Wow your guests with custom pool lighting. See what a difference Outdoor Lighting Perspectives lighting can make!

Before and after pool lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Call on us for all your Charlotte pool, spa, and poolside lighting needs!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte is ready to take your Charlotte area backyard pool and spa to a whole new level with professional landscape, pool, water feature, and hot tub lighting. If you are tired of enjoying your backyard sanctuary only in daylight hours or in the dark, allow us to design and install professional lighting that will offer safety and beauty, plus give you more hours in and around your water retreat.

Ambient poolside lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

If you are ready to enjoy our backyard pool and spa in a whole new way with professional pool and spa lighting – call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte today at 704-944-1350. We’ll be happy to schedule a time to visit and discuss designing and pool lighting for your home.

Top 4 Benefits of Lighting Your Neighborhood Entrance with Holiday Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte will bring magic to your Charlotte neighborhood entrance with holiday lighting to elicit joy and cheer throughout the holiday season.

Even though Christmas seems far into the future now, we all know how quickly it comes once the leaves of autumn begin making their yearly descent. With autumnal holidays and family activities, it can be a fast-paced, fast-moving season that brings us straight to Christmas – and we usually look back, wondering how we arrived here so unprepared! When it comes to planning your Charlotte neighborhood entrance lighting, the time is NOW, and we have comprised a list of benefits for professional lighting. Allow Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte to help make the upcoming holiday season truly the most wonderful time of the year!

1. Charlotte neighborhood entrance holiday lighting will bring cheer!

For many of us, holiday lighting elicits fond memories of Christmases past. We remember how the holidays seemed to eliminate the woes of everyday life and bring magic and wonderment into our hearts. As residents arrive home each evening, they will be transported from their daily grind to Christmases of old. Stresses will cease, at least for a time, as they approach their beautifully-lit neighborhood entrance, a veritable holiday portal to joy, love, and Christmas cheer.

2. Professional neighborhood entrance Christmas lighting can help sell your community!

Imagine you are moving your family to Charlotte, actively house hunting during the holiday season, and you approach this beautiful and festive community entrance. You immediately feel welcome – feel at home! When someone crosses the threshold into your community, searching for a place to call home in their new city, help them feel the familiar warmth of the holiday season in an unfamiliar place. Help them imagine living here with their family with the most inviting Charlotte neighborhood Christmas lighting they have ever seen!

3. Professionally lighting your neighborhood entrance will not only beautify your entrance but encourage beautification throughout the community!

All neighborhood entrances have the requisite planned, neatly ordered, professionally executed landscaping and sign. Whether you are a developer, community sales rep, or homeowners’ association, you know the value in creating beautiful entranceways into communities and keeping them a picture of perfection throughout the year – never an expenditure, but an investment. Professional Christmas lighting will not only meet the standard of beautification but will also encourage residents to follow with their own holiday décor! It doesn’t have to be elaborate or over-the-top – just beautiful. A beautifully decorated neighborhood entrance will begat beautifully decorated neighborhood homes!

4. Professional lighting for your community entrance will lighten the load of holiday stress for individuals, who volunteer each year.

Many communities have sales reps or residents, who give of themselves, going the extra mile for holiday decorations throughout the year. Why not take a load off those deserving individuals by having Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte provide our professional holiday lighting services? No only will we help plan the design, and carry out the installation, we will take down your Christmas lighting, and properly store it for re-use year after year. If you ask us, that’s service worthy of a giant red bow and a gold star!

Charlotte neighborhood entrance holiday lighting and Charlotte commercial holiday sign lighting will illuminate and invite all through the Christmas season.

Illuminate your neighborhood with holiday lighting in communal spaces, such as pool entrances and clubhouses!

Outdoor lighting Perspectives of Charlotte is here to provide you with Charlotte entrance holiday lighting and Charlotte commercial holiday sign lighting services that will enrich your community experience each holiday season. We can also provide complementary holiday lighting throughout your neighborhood’s communal spaces. Light the tree line in your community green space; light pergolas and community fence lines; illuminate your community pool entrance, clubhouse, and Christmas tree! We are here to spread joy and wonderment throughout your Charlotte neighborhood, and the time to plan is NOW. Please do not hesitate, as time and space are limited for commercial holiday lighting plans! Begin a new tradition with professionally-tailored and implemented holiday lighting with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte.

If you are ready to add magic to your neighborhood entrance or common areas – call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte today at 704-944-1350. We’ll be happy to schedule a time to visit and discuss designing and installing holiday lighting for your neighborhood.

Create a festive feel all year round with Charlotte string lighting

Every day can feel like a special occasion with our Charlotte string lighting. Also known as festival lighting, market lighting, Edison string lighting, party lighting, or café lighting, patio string lighting can add a touch of elegance and ambiance to your backyard all year round. They create a stunning atmosphere that may evoke a feeling of a warmth and celebration, enhancing your outdoor living space instantly in a way that nothing else will. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte embraces and designs festive string lighting with the overall “mood” you’d like to create in mind, whether you’re dressing up a home patio or commercial location.

Charlotte string lighting professionally installed and made to last

While it’s true that you could go to a big box store and purchase a set of do-it-yourself string lighting, a store-bought kit is never as high-quality or durable as having it professionally designed and installed. Store-bought string lighting rarely lasts more than a single season, but a professional string patio lighting installation from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte uses top-quality LED lights, sockets, and wiring, with no easily-broken plastic components. Each string lighting installation comes with a 5-year warranty on LED bulbs — that’s right, 5 years!

Unlike the DIY kits, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte uses a strong guide wire so your string lights never droop or sag. Our lights are custom strung for the exact length needed, so there will never be a couple extra lights hanging on the ends with nowhere to go, or be a few bulbs short of the desired length. Our professional string lighting installations are durable enough for commercial outdoor spaces or your backyard, and last year-round.

Custom string lighting design

Our lighting designers will first come to your home and meet with you to learn exactly what kind of lighting you’re looking for, how and where you’d like to them to go. Are you looking for straight lines, or a fan design? We’ll measure your space and determine the best places for the string lights to start and end, whether they’re trees, a corner of your home, or your screened porch or patio. Iif you don’t have sufficient places to hang them, don’t worry — we can easily install posts.

No matter what you decide for a design, with a professional string lighting installation from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte, you’ll end up with an elegant outdoor space that has just the right touch of illumination for a celebration every day or a special occasion, that conveys a mood that isn’t easily described — only felt.

If you’re ready to create a truly remarkable space at your home or business, one that is welcoming, warm, and fun — call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte today at 704-879-3784. We’ll be happy to schedule a time to visit and give you a free demonstration for an idea of the magical atmosphere you’ll be creating!

We're de-"lighted" about our happy customers!

Every company loves a good online review, and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte is no exception. However, every once in a while, we get one that is so flattering that it makes us blush. Such is the case with this one that we recently received. We don’t want to “toot our own horn,” so to speak, but somebody else did it for us, so we’ll let our happy customer do the talking:

Last week I reached out to your company because I was experiencing a problem with my outdoor lighting coming on as it normally does each evening. I was especially concerned since the lights provide comforting security for my family as we come and go during evening hours. Therefore, I was quite anxious to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

When I called your company, I was pleasantly greeted by a delightful and amazing woman named Sherry. Since I had never spoken to her in the past, she explained the company’s transfer of ownership and assured me that I was in great hands with the new team. Next, she listened compassionately to my concerns and asked if I would mind holding while she checked to see if she had a service team in my area. Much to my delight, a team was nearby and could come to my home to diagnose and correct the problem. She let me know when the team was on their way. Upon the service team’s arrival, they could not have been more professional and knowledgeable! I was very pleased by how quickly Jasen and Derrick addressed my issue and assured me that if I ever had any concerns, not to hesitate to contact the company in the future.

The most incredible part of the AMAZING service delivered by your team of professionals, is that they did it effortlessly. Sherry, Jasen and Derrick all said, and I quote, “Taking good care of our customers is what we enjoy doing.” Needless to say, I was blown away. Having spent a portion of my career overseeing service delivery for a large organization, I know firsthand how hard it is to translate and deliver a consistent quality service vision through hundreds of teammates and associates. Allow me to commend you for having done just that with your Charlotte team! They set a service quality standard second to none!

Thank you for your time and I look forward to a long relationship with your company.


P. Payne

We’d like to thank P. Payne for the excellent review, and we’re happy to make our customers so happy. It’s why we keep doing what we do. If you’d like to experience great service while illuminating your home and/or business with professional, state-of-the-art LED lighting, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte today at 704-931-5148. We look forward to working with you!

Cheers to 20 Years of Charlotte Outdoor Lighting!

Twenty years ago the world was much darker. Literally. Then Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte came to be, along with a Nashville location. The world got brighter at night, houses got more illuminated, and here we are today celebrating 20 years of Charlotte outdoor lighting, 60+ locations, and no sign of slowing down.

It’s hard to think of a time when Charlotte LED outdoor lighting and Charlotte landscape lighting didn’t exist. . . if you look around, it seems like this area has always been beautifully illuminated at night, highlighting the architectural beauty of homes and landscapes with a warm evening glow. But it’s also hard to think about the internet without Google, yet before 1998, that didn’t exist, either.

While here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte we know we’re nowhere near as ubiquitous as Google, we’re quite proud of our growth the past twenty years not just in the United States, but all over the world. We’ve added locations in Canada, Kuwait, and even Saudi Arabia. We’re still growing, too — our plans of “world domination” are more like “world illumination” and in the next twenty years will have expanded to the west coast and have more international locations.

From residential Charlotte outdoor lighting to landscape outdoor lighting to expanding our services to local businesses and hospitality locations, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has been proud to call Charlotte the home of its first franchise, and happy to showcase this city’s beauty to both its residents and visitors alike.

But we couldn’t have become who we are today without you, Charlotte-area homeowners and businesses. Through two recessions in the past twenty years, you’ve allowed us to come to your residences and “show you the light” by giving you a free Charlotte LED outdoor lighting demonstration, highlighting the beauty of your homes like you never thought before. Through that, you’ve kept us in business, and we thank you.

No, we’re not Google — but just like it’s hard to imagine the internet without it, it’s hard to imagine Outdoor Lighting Perspectives without Charlotte.

Cheers to the past 20 years of Charlotte outdoor lighting, and here’s to 20 more!

Charlotte Permanent Festival Lighting

Festival lighting is all the rage for homeowners wanting to add ambiance in their outdoor settings. This genre of decorative lighting is one of the most interesting and versatile lighting trends customers are requesting. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte embraces emerging and unique outdoor lighting ideas and new ways to introduce not only illumination into an area, but also as a way to convey a feeling or a mood within a space.

One of our most recent festival lighting projects took place in South Charlotte. The homeowners were seeking a unique way to integrate ambiance into their outdoor living environment, which includes a spacious patio, hot tub, elevated screened porch, under porch dry space and custom outdoor fire pit area. Festival lighting was the perfect accompaniment to their elegant outdoor living space. It allows for enough illumination, with a touch of whimsy, to extend evening function without being obtrusive in regards to their existing outdoor lighting.

The homeowners are elated with the results, so much so that they shot the beautiful imagery you see here from their own backyard. We want to send them a sincere thank you for providing us the chance to share this elegant project with others!

We are having great success among Charlotte area homeowners using festival lighting to convey beauty, ambiance and character in a space. Permanent festival lighting is another way we are able to enliven the senses through outdoor lighting.

If you are interested in creating the same type of magic in your Charlotte backyard, through our permanent festival lighting, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte today to learn more at (704) 849-8808.

Don't make Charlotte landscape lighting an afterthought to your landscape additions

Fall is the time of year when our minds are on planning and installing new landscape materials. The mild temperatures and winter ahead will give your new specimens time to develop a strong root system and thrive. Whether it is an extensive landscape addition, a flower-lined path or adding trees to your landscape, outdoor lighting can improve the benefits and enjoyment. Many times, homeowners consider the addition of landscape lighting after a landscape renovation is completed, as an afterthought. When it comes to a new addition to your yard, it is critical to remember the inclusion of outdoor lighting into the scope of your project. Bringing in a lighting expert early into the design plan, allows for much greater flexibility on what kind of lighting options you may have available to use.

It is a common misconception that many Charlotte area residents assume spring is the ideal season for planting, when in truth, many trees and shrub specimens respond better when planting during the cooler months because it reduces stress on new plantings and makes them more likely to establish successfully in order to thrive in the future. Here in the Southeast, cooler temperatures and lowered humidity make fall and winter the best times to move ahead with many landscaping projects. This includes the addition of outdoor lighting to the landscape!

Landscape lighting is an investment in your home. It adds beauty, yes, but also value. Professional lighting can show off your home’s architecture, beautiful façade and also the design and specimens used within the landscape itself. Why leave your landscaping in the dark when you can let others also enjoy the gorgeous trees lit up on your property or the bountiful blooms earned from hours spent working in the garden. On dark, winter nights, landscape lighting will bathe your home and property in beautiful lighting that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Large trees, meticulous shrubbery and even the architectural details of your home are all on full display for everyone to enjoy.

Landscape lighting also aids in a more secure home because the veil of darkness is lifted making your home less tantalizing to would-be criminals. Burglars typically decide which homes would make good candidates from the vantage point of the street looking for accessible homes that allow easy entry and exit. Criminals are more likely to target a home that cannot be observed by neighbors or a passersby. If your home and landscape is well-lit, criminals are more likely to pass it by, since an attempted break-in on your property would require them to step into the light, leaving them vulnerable and exposed. No more dark hedges or shrubs under windows.

From a safety perspective, the addition of landscape lighting improves safety for you, your family and the guests who frequent your property at night. Whether it is a quick trip to the the mailbox or walking the dog, landscape lighting will ensure the areas you frequent in the evening are visible and safe for eased travel and enjoyment.

If you are thinking of adding to or renovating your landscape, front or back, don’t wait until the last minute to contact your lighting designer thinking we can just come in at the end and work around everything your landscape architect has already done. It makes more sense to bring us in at the very early stages so that we can work in tandem with your architect or designer to install wiring and conduit pipe in right at the beginning planning stages. We can locate transformers and figure out where fixtures need to go so that you can illuminate special features you’d like to include. We have worked with countless local landscape designers, and we can easily integrate our working plans with theirs so that you can see it all come together in one cohesive manner. Of course, we have also come in after the fact countless times as well, so don’t fret if you overlooked lighting options earlier. We can make it work no matter what.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte today to learn more about our timeless landscape lighting designs! You can reach us at (704) 849-8808 or charlotte.outdoorlights.com.

Charlotte outdoor lighting will keep you out of the dark as night falls sooner

Fall is in the air!

Autumn is almost here as is apparent from the gradual increase in night arriving earlier and days seem to shorten. Daylight SavingsTime (DST) ends on November 6th, and creeping closer to this date, night will arrive earlier each day moving forward. Even as the Charlotte region continues to have summer-like temperatures enjoying outdoor living and backyard activities can be disheartening if you don’t have the right lighting, and even more so if your current outdoor lighting keeps you chasing dark each evening because of an outdated timer!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte utilizes a convenient astronomical timer on each of our outdoor lighting systems so you never have to worry about manually reprogramming to accommodate the earlier arrival of dark. You can forget about finding your manual and recalling which dial or button to hit to make sure your landscape system accommodates for this seasonal change in light ever again.

Our astronomical timers work with the power of GPS to pinpoint exactly where you live and what the light requirements are in your specific area so your landscape system knows precisely when to turn itself on and off. You never have to do a thing to it, as it is “set it and forget it” technology. It doesn’t get any easier than this. No one in your household ever has to come home to a dark house again since our sophisticated timers know exactly when to illuminate your home, driveway, front entrance and any other feature you want. Even if your power goes out, your timer will continue to remember what it was set to thanks to a battery back-up.

Since your lights are turned on and off based on the available light, your outdoor lighting system will never run when it’s unnecessary. This can save you on your power bill because the waste is eliminated, and it’s better for the environment, too.

The right timer will give you peace of mind by regulating your outdoor lighting system.

Astronomical timers know automatically how to best utilize existing daylight hours, so they save you money since you are not consuming power to light your property and home when it’s not required. They are environmentally friendly since they help save you money and keep power costs down. There’s a lot to be said for the convenience and cost savings that an astronomical timer provides. If you are still using a manual outdoor lighting timer, let us upgrade you existing outdoor lighting system, including our intelligent timer so you can enjoy the benefits they provide.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte can make the seasonal changes of light to dark an enjoyable time of the year with a timer upgrade for your existing system. Contact us today to learn more at (704) 849-8808 or via email at charlotte.outdoorlights.com

Our Charlotte Outdoor Lighting Techniques are Not for the Novice!

Outdoor lighting isn’t just about pretty fixtures, it’s also about good design. It takes years of learning and skill to have the talent to properly showcase a home, property and all its unique features in the best light. It’s a delicate balance of uplighting, downlighting and other professional techniques to illuminate everything to achieve the perfect picture in the dark of night. Most homeowners, your landscaper or pool guy do not have the ability, experience or artistry to pull all these methods and aspects together to create a gorgeous dimensional look that makes your home stand out. If not done properly, you end up with a flat look and lots of dark areas that just don’t do your home justice.

Only trust your home & landscape to a professional

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte has professional designers and architects on staff that know how to paint a picture with rays of light. We employ all sorts of clever tricks to angle and bend light in various directions so that it shows off your home, plants, trees and all the architectural facets in elegant and exciting way.


Fixtures are placed close to the façade of your home or directly under a tree to create a bold and striking beam of light that has quite an eye-catching feel. Move a fixture a few feet away, and a whole new look is achieved with a wider bathe of light.


This is a tough one for a novice to achieve, and it’s an extension of downlighting that provides broad washes of light that make things appear as if they have been kissed by the moon. We hide fixtures high up in the trees that cast a gorgeous shadowy effect that gives the feeling as if the light is being pulled through the limbs of your trees. The glow it creates can be quite fascinating and exciting series of shadows with a very natural feel.


This technique is similar to moonlighting, but it’s brighter and more intentional. We can affix your fixtures high up on your home, any structure or even a tree so that it splashes a wide angle of light over a large, expansive area. You get a lot of bang for your buck with downlighting since we can cover quite a bit of real estate when it’s employed properly. Different effects can be created depending on how close or far it’s placed from the area being lit.

Silhouetting and Shadowing:

This is where deep experience is truly needed in terms of outdoor landscape lighting, and it has the most impact in the hands of a knowledgeable lighting designer with some serious creativity. The designers at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte employ some theatrical skills by strategically placing fixtures behind a favorite feature such as an ornamental tree or a waterfall to create a dazzling backdrop that makes the object pop in the night and look larger than life. The mood silhouetting creates is incredibly striking and it’s a definite head-turner. Alternately, shadowing showcases an object in a softer light but creates tons of movement such as capturing a tree’s limbs and leaves glimmering in a breeze. The level of drama created by these two effects is like no other in the hands of someone that really knows what they are doing!

Accent highlighting:

A treasured piece of sculpture, a water fountain or a piece of outdoor art that needs its own special halo of light to make it glow in the evening can be highlighted with specific accent lighting. Depending on the situation, our architects angle a beam of light upward or downward to pinpoint anything that has incredible architectural value that is like a treasure in the garden. If you’ve got an item that you want to cast a very special glow directly onto, accent lighting is the way to turn on the charm in a gorgeous way.

Let us show you how our lighting designers can utilize dramatic tricks to make your home stand out from the rest. Give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte a call today so we can demonstrate how we can change the look of your home in the evening at (704) 849-8808 or via email at charlotte.outdoorlights.com.


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